Positive Affirmations
$20 Virtual 1-Hour Workshop
July 31 & August 1

 Practicing daily affirmations helps kids replace their "I can't" thoughts with a positive mindset that reminds them what they're capable of. During this session, we will discuss how affirmations support us in developing our self-esteem. As we learn about positive self-talk together, we'll also be creating our own unique affirmation bracelets! These bracelets will serve as a daily reminder for the powerful, capable leaders that we all are!


Our group Zoom call will be hosted on

both Friday and Saturday at 1pm and will be led by

Certified Kids' Coach & Founder of FITWHEELZ, Karen Rangel!

There will be two groups:

Ages 5-8

& Ages 9-13


Thank you! We will email you shortly with details for the workshop!


Ages 5-12