Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is the FITWHEELZ bus geared towards?

FITWHEELZ offers programs suitable for ages 2-9!

What is the capacity of the bus?

For safety reasons, we can accommodate up to 12 kids at a time on the inside of the bus. If you're looking to book a large party, we will make arrangements to best fit your needs. In its original form, the FITWHEELZ bus was a 36 passenger shuttle bus. With the seats removed, it is surprisingly roomy!

Does FITWHEELZ operate under all weather conditions?

Yes! Rain or shine - we roll to you! Our bus is equipped with a generator and air conditioning, which allows everyone to stay comfortable in any weather.

What are the operating hours for FITWHEELZ?

Our services are always available. Give us a call with your preferred dates and we will let you know our availability.

Does FITWHEELZ transport participants anywhere?

We do not transport participants anywhere. During our sessions, the bus is parked in a secure location, and all activities take place inside or outside of the bus in a blocked off area.

What are the features of the FITWHEELZ bus?

The bus is filled with a large variety of engaging gym equipment including, but not limited to: a zip-line, slide, rock climbing wall, trampoline, balance beam, monkey bars, rings, climbing ropes, tunnels, mats, steps, shapes, hoops, parachutes, bouncers, ribbons, scarves, balls, and bean bags. FITWHEELZ is always evolving, and we often rotate and add equipment to create endless new fun!

What should I wear on the bus?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing in order to enhance your mobility. Shoes are not permitted on the bus, but bare feet or socks are acceptable.

Are there any restrooms on the bus?

No, there are no restrooms inside the bus. In most cases, the bus is parked near a facility with restrooms.

Where does the bus park?

The bus is parked in parking lots, as well as secluded residential areas in front of homes or in driveways. The area surrounding the bus is blocked off with traffic cones and the bus will never be parked in a congested area. Prior to our arrival, we advise hosts to make parking arrangements for the bus. To ensure a smooth experience, we also recommend communicating with neighbors so they can anticipate the arrival of the bus.

When does the bus arrive?

The bus arrives about 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. Upon arrival, our staff will introduce themselves, answer all questions, and go over the basic timeline of the event. Kids will board the bus when instructed!

Can parents be on the bus?

Yes, parents are welcome to board the bus if space permits. We welcome all teachers and paparazzi parents who want to snap pictures and take videos of the event!

Are snacks allowed on the bus?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any outside food or beverages, with the exception of water. This is for strict sanitation purposes. Kids can bring their own water bottles, as long as they can easily identify that it's theirs.

When should my remaining balance be paid?

Once your event has ended, we will collect the remaining balance from you. Gratuity is not necessary, but is greatly appreciated!