Sponsor a Superhero!

"Giving is the highest level of living." - John C. Maxwell

FITWHEELZ offers experiential personal development programs and workshops for kids ages 5-12. We believe that kids are never too young to develop their emotional intelligence (EQ), which encompasses awareness, understanding, and the ability to express and manage our emotions. Research from the Gottman Institute shows that raising an emotionally intelligent child contributes immeasurably to the development of a generation of emotionally healthy adults. In our interactive coaching programs, we support kids in regulating their emotional world to increase their self-confidence, improve school performance, and contribute to greater physical health and healthier social relationships. 


During our 6-week virtual superhero camp, we cover various topics like: developing self-esteem, standing up to peer pressure, living with integrity, navigating through change, overcoming fear, and using the power of positive self-talk and visualization to manifest our biggest goals and dreams! All of our coaching sessions are engaging, interactive, and of course, FUN!

By sponsoring a child, you are investing in their future. With your support, they will learn that they have what it takes to conquer their everyday life, embrace their potential, and be unstoppable! Your donation will make a massive difference for kids who cannot afford the tuition for Superhero Camp. We appreciate your support in joining our mission to empower our next generation of leaders!

Serving South Bay & Mid-Peninsula