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In a superhero’s world, anything is possible. And when kids imagine themselves as their favorite superhero, they, too, believe that anything is possible in their lives!

Sometimes, our kids may feel small, helpless, or fearful. In moments when they are struggling or experiencing self-doubt, their favorite superhero serves as a great reminder for them to realize that they have the power to be brave, fearless, and in control of their world! 

Kids develop their self-confidence by identifying with their favorite superheroes, because they realize that they have the power to make anything happen in their lives! Superheroes teach kids that with a little bit of courage, they can overcome any obstacle! They also inspire kids to be more comfortable expressing the braver parts of their personalities. Through superheroes, kids learn the difference between right and wrong, as well as the importance of helping others. They also feel inspired to make healthier lifestyle choices so they can be physically and mentally strong, just like their favorite heroes.

In our virtual superhero summer camp, kids will learn that heroes are people just like them, and they, too, can make a change in their lives and in the world. For 6 weeks, we’ll be living our lives as superheroes as we learn and grow alongside one another! Together, we'll unleash our superpowers and learn how to conquer our fears so we can be unstoppable in our lives!

It's time for us to get those capes ready because the superhero within you is ready to shine through! 

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