FITWHEELZ is a vibrant gym on wheels that uses a hands-on approach and brings fun, fitness and learning to children. Inside our fully-padded bus, a world of excitement awaits children with rock-climbing, zip-lining, a trampoline, dancing, tumbling, battle ropes, monkey bars, slides, ladders, a balance beam, sports balls, hula hoops, a punch bag and jump ropes. We are licensed and insured. Our trainers are certified professionals who have approved background checks and are CPR-certified.


Our program is adaptable to be on site at any type of location, including daycares, after-school programs, summer camps, churches, weddings, birthday parties, community events, block parties, and more! We are suitable for early childhood and lower elementary programs. We charge a per-child fee for each fitness session, which is based on the number of children participating and the type of fitness program.


Our kids are facing a modern health crisis due to physical inactivity and FITWHEELZ is here to make a difference. As a child, Karen remembers playing freeze tag and soccer, climbing trees, or pretending to be the next track star. Being active at such a young age made her an athlete in middle school, high school, college, and even now. Her involvement in sports helped her in her academics - being confident,  determined and focused in her school career. Karen is inspired to bring fun, fitness, and learning to children; to help them master their motor skills before engaging in sports, regardless of their agility level. 

Serving South Bay & Mid-Peninsula