About Coach Karen

As a child, I remember playing freeze tag, climbing trees, playing soccer, and pretending to be the next track star. Being active at such a young age made me an athlete in middle school, high school, college and even now. I felt that because I was active at a young age, it helped me in my academics — being confident, determined and focused in my school career. As an athlete, quitting was never an option, so whenever I was having a hard time, I knew I would overcome it if I worked harder. I related academics to sports; if I could only get better in this subject as hard as I train, I could conquer anything. And because of that, I became inspired to bring fun, fitness, and learning to children; to help them master their motor skills, regardless of their agility level. At FITWHEELZ, our mission is to prevent childhood obesity and empower kids to live healthy, active lives!

In 2016, I attended a 4-month emotional intelligence ("EQ") leadership training at ChoiceCenter Leadership University in Las Vegas. The course supports participants in identifying obstacles that block them from achieving their goals, whether it'd be in areas of relationships, health, or business. I learned that what holds us back is not a lack of ability or motivation, but beliefs about ourselves that are negative and limiting. Throughout the workshop, we learned how to let go of those limiting beliefs in order to access our personal power and create the life of our dreams. Thanks to ChoiceCenter, I am currently living the life of my dreams! With the unwavering support of my leadership team and professional coaches, I turned my vision for FITWHEELZ into a reality! In addition, I gained self-confidence, deepened my relationships, enhanced my personal and professional productivity, and experienced a heightened sense of joy and passion for life. To give back to the program that has given so much to me, I frequently volunteer as an Executive Leadership Coach in ChoiceCenter's adult and teen leadership trainings. 

My transformational journey was so profound that it inspired me to implement my learnings from ChoiceCenter into our FITWHEELZ sessions. We not only work the body, but also exercise the mind. Kids love our program because they get to develop powerful mindset skills to handle life's ups and downs; to think for themselves and make smart decisions; and to chase their dreams! As a coach, my my goal is for kids to understand the value of personal responsibility, to be effective listeners and communicators, to love themselves and others, to prioritize their health and wellbeing, and to view every moment in life as a learning opportunity. I welcome you to join me in my mission!

Serving South Bay & Mid-Peninsula